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  1. I suppose that since it has been shortlisted for the prize, he was right. Good for him however the only problem is that the judges didn’t seem to pick up on the irony, could this be considered contemporary art at its most self deprecating?

    Or is it just a ‘load of old shit’?


  2. (4:30)

    Bishop Barron argues that modern art focuses on the intention of the artist and the way he expresses herself, as opposed to the form and content of that what is produced.

    Modern art focuses on internal intention as opposed to the replication of the forms or reality or depicting emotion. Modern art stresses symbolism and metaphor.

    I would how that might related to Islamic harmatiology (study of sin). To what extent is the intention (niyyah) of acts are stressed in Islam?


  3. “…if atheism were true.”

    Should’ve been a blank post, since there’s no other way to depict non-existence.

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