The Collection of the Quran Part II

Part II of a two part series on the manner in which the Quran was collected into the form that we have it today. This video goes from the death of the Prophet (SAWS) in the year 632 to the collection of the official consonantal skeleton (rasm) around the year 650. Part I covers the efforts made during the life of the Prophet to preserve the Quran.

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  1. Excellent 2 part explanation about compilation of Qur’an by Dr. Joseph Lumbard.

    Lumbard seems to base alot of his explanation on he prior work of Dr. Mustapha Al-Azami (Allah yerhamo) who was a great Muslim Scholar, teacher, and a giant in the field of Islamic Studies,

    May Allah reward both of these men for their valuable work in the benefit of Islam.

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  1. The Collection of the Quran Part II | kokicat

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