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  1. Paul,
    Your passion for theology, comparative religion, philosophy, Islam, are so apparent in your dedication to dawah and kindly helping others to understand and improve their own knowledge. You are a great and patient teacher and very inspiring. Please keep up the hard work, I believe it is making a deep impact on those around you and far beyond!!

    I can see that the polite young person you were talking to in the video, is a reflective person and seems to be open to having intelligent and civil conversation and is interested in improving his own understanding as well.

    I have met quite a few people who’s negative experience with Christianity resulted in disillusionment and rejection of the faith, which in turn led them into atheism, under the assumption that if Christianity is illogical, false and based on lies etc, then all religions must therefore be the same, and hence, why believe in God at all?

    Many of the people like this I have met, are now pious Muslims and their journey into Islam began simply by asking questions, investigating, and comparing, just as the young man in the video was doing.

    It is refreshing for such people to learn that all not all religions are created equal!! Unlike Christianity, Islam is very rational and logical path and provides a way for intellectual people who have lost faith in God to repent, return to faith and reunite God Almighty Allah. The people who use their intellect, think, and reflect, and who are honest with themselves, approaching Islam with open heart and mind will come to understand the truth encapsulated in the message of the Holy Qur’an.

    “It is such that We clarify the revelations to a people who think.” (The Holly Qur’an 10:24)

    I pray that Allah open this young man’s heart and mind and guide him into the light of Islam and make him one of the righteous Muslims and among the Muta’qeen. Ameen.

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  1. Speakers Corner | 28/01/18 Br-Paul “The Eternal Uncaused Cause of All Being” | kokicat

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