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  1. More often not even charity remains.

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  2. “No Deity,” and other points of doctrine still follow? Christians have their priorities messed up… or at least this cartoonist did…


  3. zionism remain

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  4. At least they had it to begin with.


  5. the first step is:

    “the Bible is not infallible” (or not inerrant)

    Downhill from there.


  6. The average “Liberal Christian” doesn’t believe in charity either. Oh, he or she strongly believes in largess…but demands that it be taken by fiat from those who “have too much” rather than give themselves and hope others feel inspired to charity.

    No, it’s not charity when it’s mandated by force of law. And no again, it’s not charity when, because you’ve forced all to “give,” it doesn’t disadvantage you in relation to others.


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