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  1. More like DIStasteful christian worship.

    This is exemplifies the end result of modern contemporary non-traditional Christian worship services. When traditional practices are removed it swings the door wide open to new innovations in religion. Eventually the focus of “worship”services is no longer on or about God; and instead it is about entertainment.

    Western and especially American culture seems to be centered around mindless and meaningless entertainment. It makes sense that in the post Christian age, Christian worship is now also centered around the same.

    Alhamdullah, Islam has a firewall to gaurd against this type of aberrance.

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  2. Is this really a christian service? In the church?! In fact, I always find it very weird to have musical instruments in the churches. Isn’t it supposed to be worshipping of God in these places instead of making musical parties?

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  3. this will make christianity the fastest growing religion!!!!

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