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Al-Razi, 9th-century polymath, known as “Hippocrates of the Arabs”. He made one of earliest serious attempts to classify the chemical elements, was an early proponent of the scientific method and even carried out one of the first clinical trials. Way before anyone in Europe did.




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  1. remember islamic scientist are not sunni.


  2. Muslims have contributed greatly to the development of the sciences, history, social science, mathematics, architecture, exploration, literature, optometry, philosophy, fashion, music, and virtually all facets of both ancient and modern civilization:

    The contributions of Islam and Muslims to world civilization are rarely (if ever) mentioned in western educational textbooks. Unfortunately, this leaves people with the inaccurate misperception that Islam contributes nothing but violence, terror, war, etc.

    However, an in depth analysis, or even a cursory glance at the history of Islam, reveals that this is not the case. Islam is contributed greatly to the advancement of knowledge, Science and world civilization as this website helps to clarify:



  1. Islam & Science | kokicat

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