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    • Its funny how some bigoted Western Christians so often forget (or conveniently ignore) the fact that Jesus was a Palestinian Jew.

      The only indigenous British religion that I am aware of is the pagan hocus pocus witchery practiced by the Druids, and that is not a very enviable faith given that they cruelly sacrificed their own followers to the peat bogs.

      If the Duke of Durham is not willing to be the first in line for the peat bogs then maybe HE ALONE should leave the UK.

      (Just don’t send him here).

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  1. I have an old information about the queen, yet I’m not sure about it.

    I’ve heard that one of the Queen’s ancestor was one of Musa bin Nusayr’s daughter.
    Some say the document which mentions that is found in the British Museum with this number :
    OR 11753
    OR 13.CC

    Can anyone confirm that ?


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