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  1. To bad Galileo didn’t live long enough to see the Church and Christianity ridiculed for issuing such a foolish judgment.

    He should converted to Islam, and immigrated to a Muslim country where he would have been appreciated and encouraged to continue and further his important work and studies. Think of what further heights he could have achieved through the Islamic scientific initiative of the age, without the limitations placed on him by a backwards medieval Christianity.

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    • good point!


    • Weird logic.

      I guess all those billions of Muslims alive today should convert to Christianity and move to the much more advanced west?

      Course not!


    • Many Muslims have moved to the west……after watching their countries be destroyed while fundamentalist Christians cheered and enjoyed the carnage.

      The west is only more advanced today because they unscrupulously profited from Christian based, colonialist Imperialism that unfairly allowed their countries to advance while at the same time disrupting or halting the natural developmental progression of the victim nations. This remains a root cause of many of the problems and miseries in the world today.

      Galileo was lucky all he had to contend with was the backward rulings of the Christian Church, and not the full onslaught of crimes unleashed against the Muslim world today.


    • Backward Christians- Christian’s fault

      Backward Muslims- Chrostian’s Fault

      Right. Got it.


    • Lol the loser paulus has yet again no answer. This pathetic attempts of his are just so sad!

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    • Nah… cuz then today we’d have people making posts about what a great Muslim scientist he was with comments underneath complaining that “he wasn’t Sunni.”

      Backwards medieval Christians, meet backwards modern Muslims.


  2. Just as I remember that Ibn Hazm ( died in 1064) mentioned the conscious that the earth is a spherical shaped body

    Al-Bīrūnī (died in 1048) is the one who mentioned that the earth rotates around itself

    And I’m not sure about this information, but some say that Copernicus stole all illustrations of Maragheh observatory established by the Shia scholar Tusi ( died 1274, and he attributed them to itself.


    • Geocentrism?? Really? In this day and age?

      In order to maintain a belief in the Bible and Christianity…..you literally have to ignore or “explain away” all the evidence to the contrary that reality presents.

      Christians will find that using pseudoscience to try and prove the Bible will only backfire in the end.


    • Alhamdullah, unlike Christianity, Islam does not require that we turn a blind eye to scientific realities.

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  3. world is flat and 6000 years old not only these but they also believe resurrection of jesus.


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