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  1. Good discussion. I liked Dr. Browns description of Shariah. Also the other speaker was very good as well.

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  2. It’s revealing to me that Brown feels threatened by “populism”. Totalitarian ideologies, like Islam, do feel threatened by populism, because populism gives the people, in theory, at least, the chance to choose for themselves the kind of life, and the values by which, they live.

    Totalitarian ideologies have no place, as in democracy, for asking the people for their opinion. They are executing a rigidly defined program according to a set of laws which can never be changed or questioned.

    Sharia just changes its methods according to how much power it can apply in any given situation. Sharia adapts and changes according to the measure of restraint placed upon it. This is the only kind of flexibility it possesses. Brown is just throwing dust in our faces here.

    What do we mean by harm, consent or autonomy? Perhaps Brown should tell us what these things mean under Sharia law before he demands that the West answer these questions first.


    • You are misrepresenting what Dr. Brown was saying in order wrongfully misportray Islam as a “totalitarian ideology” in order to gain some cheap points. But simply watching the first 4 min. of the video clarifies your lies.

      At the very beginning of the video, Dr. Brown is discussing how the West sets the standards and expects Islam to fit in to those standards. Then he mentions “populism” as a threat and challenge to the standard setters in the west, and refers to “Brexit” and Nativism as examples of how Populism can threaten previously set Western standards.

      Although he briefly implies that to some extent Islam can also be challenged by the same things, he defines Shariah as being capable of change and adaptation, so the “threat” is minimized but still worthy of addressing and discussion.

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  3. Brown: “What do we mean by harm, consent or autonomy?”

    Let Brown answer what these words mean for non-Muslims who want to live out their religious worldview living under Sharia law.


  4. Do the speakers deal with the islamic blasphemy law and how it impacts on the freedom of religion of non-Muslims?

    If not I would be wasting my time watching the rest.


    • Erasmus, please show me where the Bible promotes ‘freedom of religion’ for non-believers.

      Also, tell me: are there any blasphemy laws in the Bible and if so what might be the punishment for blasphemers?



  5. Where does the church enforce its beliefs on anyone in the NT?

    Where do Muslims get the right to enforce blasphemy laws on non-Muslims?

    The Israelites only had a mandate to enforce blasphemy laws inside their own community and land.


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