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  1. The world


  2. Were you traveling from the north to Kings Cross last Thursday?


  3. @ Paul W.

    Breaking News in US:

    Seven U.S. Muslim leaders arrested protesting Trumps DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) reforms. I also understand that Sheik Zaid Shaker has been arrested as well, though I am not sure of his details.



    • Linda Sarsour among those arrested yesterday:


    • Imaam Omar Suleiman among those arrested at yesterdays protest:


    • A good article with many pictures that explains the situation and motivation for Muslim participation in the protest:

      View at Medium.com

      A couple quotes from the above article:

      “Deportation of the Dreamers is immoral. If you’re a moral person, you have to stand with the Dreamers,” – Imam Zaid Shakir of Oakland, California.

      “We cannot let any community suffer in isolation or we will all pay the price.” – Imaam Omar Suleiman


  4. For the ones that are interested, here is the debate between David Wood and Shabir Ally:


    • Thanks for posting!!!!

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    • Shabir got taken to school again…


    • Although I am sure he was only joking, as soon as David Wood intimated in his opening comments that Shabbir was “…still trying to copy my beard.” I knew that we were in for more of his blatant lies for the duration of the rest of the debate, and my prediction on that point was accurate.

      David seemed to regurgitate the same old tired out Christian arguments in defense of the resurrection, which Shabbir himself has refuted before in previous debates with Wood. Shabbir did a good job of addressing Wood’s arguments, and also made it very clear that there is an evolution in the Gospels and that there is no clear irrefutable proof that Jesus actually died on the cross, and that the stories of the resurrection appearances are later developments after the fact. Even if, after the assumption, the disciples merely experienced “hallucinatory visions” or even actual real visions of Jesus appearing from heaven, this is still entirely compatible with the Qur’anic message that, “….they killed him not, nor did they crucify him.”

      Shabbir Ally provided evidence that a growing consensus of Christian scholars through independent study are coming to the conclusion that there was an earlier Christian proclamation that Jesus was actually assumed alive into heaven, and not resurrected (and this agrees with the Qur’anic account). The best that David could do in response was to attempt to deflect and distract by changing the subject from the resurrection and attacking the Qur’an. David also seems to do this with any criticism of the Bible, or Christian belief, his strategy is to turn the tables and make the same arguments against the Qur’an. During the question and answer period, in regard to eternal Qur’an in comparison with Christian belief of God dying on cross, Shabbir showed that by resorting to such a deflection tactic in that case David is engaging in the fallacy of equivocation. David often gives a skewed or partial explanation of an Islamic belief, and then proceeds to offer arguments in order to attack and disprove his own fallacious misrepresentations of Islam – a cheap and ineffective tactic.

      David’s answer to the question on Matt. 24:36 was weak, incoherent and rambling, while Shabbir’s response to the same was much more understandable and acceptable.

      Although David ineffectively tries to dismiss it, “Q theory” offers a strong argument against the reliability and completeness of the Bible and against the resurrection as well, and this is a serious problem for Christianity.

      This debate was clearly a victory for Sheikh Shabbir Ally


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