Missionary Mishap: Christians Cannot Lie

As the fall out from the debate I had with Joseph Jay Smith continues, a peculiar comment was made on my video that simply had to be addressed. The comment you are about to see, exemplifies the type of Christian that is following Joseph Jay Smith.


According to this Christian fellow, Joseph Jay Smith is a Christian, and as a Christian he cannot lie. Which means that whatever Joseph Jay Smith says, will always be true. This is the kind of intellect that Jay’s rhetoric appeals to, one of deifying humans and discarding basic logic altogether. Isn’t this what cults do? You can’t question Jay, whatever he says must be right because he said it.


and God knows best.

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  1. I can see it now ‘the church of jay smith’ will be the next big cult and will have a variety of plaques outside its buildings with slogans related an accute ham deficiency. One might even say that this fellow in the comments section is ‘hamming it up’ for jay in light of his terrible performances over the years.

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    • It seems that Mr. Atul Prasad has drank a little too deeply from the Christian Kool-aide.

      If this is what he has learned from his Christian religious teachers, then he is definitely being mislead and misguided into a cult which asks him to relegate all critical thinking over to higher Christian authorities, and blindly accept whatever they decree. – Sad, and scary.

      Anytime one considers another human being as infallible, they are setting themselves up for failure and disappointment.

      Even the Prophets made mistakes – Only God is flawless.

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