Tommy Robinson’s Fan Who Punched People At Speakers Corner Named

Ali Dawah, a prominent Youtuber posted a video on twitter of an individual randomly punching people at speakers corner. At the time, Ali Dawah and Muslims at the park claimed that this person was one of Tommy Robinson’s supporter. As the video was posted on Twitter and on other social media platforms, Tommy’s supporters commented on them and claimed that this person was a Muslim due the attacker having a beard. The attacks by this individual has been fully caught on camera and posted on Youtube. You can watch the video below:

These are the images that have been taken from videos just seconds before this individual attacked people:

Image 1 (Click To enlarge Image)


Image 2 (Click To enlarge Image)


Image 3 (Click To enlarge Image)


Image 5

Image 4 (Click To enlarge Image)

We have uncovered evidence that this person who has attacked people on different occasions in speakers corner, his name is Phillip Watkinson from Stoke On Trent. On Facebook he goes by the name of “Phillip Woko Watkinson”.

Image 5 (Click To enlarge Image)

Notice, image 5 profile picture and image 1 balaclava is the same one he wore on the day he punched people. These are his pictures on Facebook,

Phillip Watkinson, Image 6 (Click To enlarge Image)


Image 7, (Click To enlarge Image)

Watkinson is prominent member of “Stoke On Trent Infidels” group. He posted some pictures of “speakers corner” event by writing “What a brill day out down speakers corner sunday”.

Image 8 (Click To enlarge Image)

Watkinson often shares “Britain First” material on his Facebook page and even managed attend one of Jayda Fransen demos:

Image 9 (Click To enlarge Image)

He has open hatred towards Muslims and the Islamic faith:

Image 10 (Click To enlarge Image)


image 11 (Click To enlarge Image)

The claim by Tommy Robinson followers that he is not one of theirs is not true. He follows Tommy Robinson on Facebook and numerous other far-right pages:

image 12 (Click To enlarge Image)

Not only does he follow Tommy Robinson on Facebook, he even shared a post directly from Tommy’s page in relation to his book, titled “Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam”,

IMAGE 13 (Click To enlarge Image)

The evidence here speaks for itself. This man is one of Tommy’s followers. We urge the Metropolitan Police to arrest Phillip Watkinson for assaulting a number of people in speakers corner, London. Such a thug should not be out in the civilized world. Below is full screen-grab of his Phillip Watkinson “Liking” pages on Facebook. Enlarge to see who he follows:

(Click To enlarge Image)

Image 14, (Click To enlarge Image)

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  1. Interesting, so this guy is a Tommy Robinson fan and his actions have everything to do with Tommy Robinson, but the guy in the proceeding video is not a Muslim and his actions have nothing to do with Islam lol.

    Ok then…


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