A Note to Our Readers

To Our Readers,

Earlier today you may have received a flurry of emails or seen a series of headlines unbefitting of the purpose of this blog. In working with a range of du’aat and respectable Christian, Jewish and Atheist authors, we recognize that differences of opinion will occur. As with the responsibility that comes with the management of the blog, from time to time when disagreements occur we usually see a flurry of activity. We agree, it is never good to see the blog misused in the way that it was earlier today. Disagreements should be handled privately and respectfully. This blog, and its vast and diverse team do not condone the headlines or posts that were inadvertently published earlier today.

Our readership can be rest assured that measures were put in place to ensure that such an incident does not occur again. Contrary to false reports, the blog was not “hijacked” and our user-log confirms this. Subsequent to the false reports, we would also like to clarify that no authors were removed from the blog, one however was put under moderation pending their misuse of the blog. With respect to our position on the incidents that happened on Sunday 18th March, 2018 at Speakers’ Corner Hyde Park, we accept that on both sides of the divide there was ill behaviour. Having that ill behaviour in mind, we have published three posts that highlighted this issue and our condemnation of the behaviour witnessed.

To follow up on the events of last Sunday, or on videos that will be posted this Sunday, we have a handy Speakers’ Corner section on our blog, detailing a vast array of YouTubers from Hyde Park. We encourage you to subscribe and watch the events as they happen, sometimes in real-time as provided by these YouTubers. It is always best to see the events from multiple angles before drawing unfair conclusions, this is something that many have learned and must learn following the events at the Park. While we enjoy Hyde Park videos for the intelligent discourses often recorded, we hope sincerely that the recent influx of ethno-nationalism at the Park does not threaten the valuable, beneficial and beautiful discourse we regularly see.

Should you have any concerns or questions, the blog team can be contacted via the following email address:

  • bloggingtheology@gmail.com

We look forward to the informative and highly educational posts that are to follow.

Yours Respectfully,
The BloggingTheology Team.

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