Shadid Lewis Tackles Racism Head On

American Muslim debater and apologist, Br. Shawn Shadid Lewis has started a regular YouTube show where he tackles a range of issues from politics to religion and everything in-between. You can check out his YouTube channel here where he streams at least once a week. There is also his Facebook page that you can follow for further and more regular updates. He recently posted an article about an actual neo-Nazi being elected in the USA. Unfortunately, he received quite a horrible insult for merely posting the article by a Nazi sympathizer (caution – extreme racism):


I’ve linked to the post with the insult, just click on the photo if you wish to see the post on Facebook. In the end, it just confirms that da’wah is needed and that Br. Shadid is doing an excellent job tackling these issues.

and Allah knows best.

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  1. So what? It’s not like his and your kind deserve any better treatment than you’re already given. Frankly, you all should be grateful to us, not your disgusting god, for not treating you worse, for not treating you exactly as your instructed to treat the unfaithful.

    Tolerance does come to an end though, something you might want to remember.


    • Jonolan,
      “…Your kind…”

      Grateful to who? You?

      We have the American forefathers to thank for building a nation based on plurality, acceptance, and tolerance all of which likely protects your own individual (possibly racist?) lifestyle choices as well as our Islamic lifestyle.

      If Tolerance comes to an end, The dream of the forefather’s and America as we have known it will come to an end.

      Something you might want to remember.


    • Ooooooh tough guyyyyy…



    • lol what? isn’t this post about racism in the first place?


  2. Shadid does have some good video’s on Arab Muslim racism against current, former and decedents of African slaves owned by Muslim slave owners.

    Here are a few a must watch.

    This one exposes the “Sisters in Hijab” and their racism against Black Muslims


    • This guy isn’t banned yet?


    • I know I’m shocked too, especially when the creator of this blog is banned (a moderate voice to be sure) and especially how this blog has taken on an extremist bent since his removal.


    • We know you people like to play the “extremist” card and “moderate” card to spread your typical western propaganda bullshit but nothing has changed with this website.
      As Ijaz Ahmed said:
      [[Br. Paul is not blocked from writing, he can write and still access the website as an author. Due to his misuse of the website, he’s under moderation which he agreed to when he deleted his account. That situation has not changed.
      We’ve all been building the website, it took quite an effort to stop him from deleting it again last year, so I rather not reduce the team’s effort to just one person]]

      We’re well aware of your sly attitude which likes to steer up chaos and make things seem what they are not but fortunately for you we are capable of seeing through your bullshit.

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    • unfortunately*

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    • Actually, Wake Up is from Chicago, he is most likely Radical Moderate/ Robert Wells who works on behalf of Sam Shamoun to troll Muslim websites. Br. Paul had asked me to ban Robert on several occasions and so this was just done again. In his comment, he claimed that I somehow approved of the violence on Sunday with the EDL, despite an entire post claiming the opposite and condemning it:

      So, he was sent to lie and disrupt normative conversation on the website by stirring up drama and faux sympathy for Br. Paul. Try again Robert, hope you’re well in Streamwood, Illinois.

      Good riddance.

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    • Ijaz,
      Thank you for banning “Wake Up” Robert Wells. I hope that such disrupters will remain permanently banned, as they do not offer any constructive content or value to the blog as they only wish to derail the conversation, antagonize, slander, misportray Islam, and misrepresent the remarks of other commenters along with the actions of site administrators, etc.

      We can all do without such childish drama and interference with the purpose of the blog in stimulating a more intellectual and respectful conversation about interesting issues in theology.


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