Reacting to Tommy Robinson at Speakers Corner

In this fantastic and comprehensive video, Br. Darren Hamza Myatt of EFDawah reacts to Tommy Robinson’s appearance at Hyde Park and clarifies claims about free speech and violence in a straight-forward and decisive manner. It’s a must watch.

You can skip ahead by clicking here to the exact minute he begins speaking about the park.

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  1. Great and poignant comments from Br. Hamza.

    Only by speaking the truth about Islam and setting a good example of our Prophets (sws) teachings in our own lives, can we confront the lies and hatred of Tommy Robinson and those like him.

    I pray that Br. Hamza will continue inspiring the masses to understand and love Islam, just as he has done in his own life. May Allah be his guide and protect him.


  2. Tommy Robinson will never engage Muslim Debators in Debate. Coz he know, He will get badly exposed. He loves monologue, Not Dialogue.


  3. Tommy Robinson may be flawed at times, but if you guys can’t even concede some of the points he makes then I think you may just be averse to self criticism. The Muslim community in Europe is the most divisive community at this time. That is a fact. Tommy Robinson has been physically assaulted and sent to jail for pretty much just speaking his mind. That is wrong and it doesn’t matter that it hurts Muslims feelings or whatever.


    • We are not averse to self criticism where and when necessary.

      Tommy Robinson is a hate monger, a racist, and a small minded bigot who has taken part in the unjust scape-goating of the Muslim community and blaming them for all of the problems that Europeans (and westerners) face, while also implicitly inciting physical violence and attacks on Muslim people.

      The fact that you admire and support him indicates that you need to engage in some self-criticism as well.

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  4. @ibn issam
    Where did I even say I admire and support him? Not everything is black and white. Also just saying words like “racist” and “islamophobic” are meaningless buzzwords. I could easily say some people on this blog are “antisemitic” or “homophobic” but those would also be empty words. Anyway he’s literallt been attacked by Muslims for his activism, do you condemn that?


    • Norcal,
      Words mean things, regardless of what you may think or say.

      Of course I condemn violence.

      But do you condemn the antagonistic violence on the part of Robinson’s followers against Muslims which often agitates and compels the violence coming from Muslims against Robinson and his followers?

      You only seem to be focus on the actions of Muslims, but at the same time seem to give Robinson a free pass on his racist, bigoted, ignorant minded, “activism” which aims at stirring up hatred, violence, and unjust actions and attacks on many innocent Muslims.

      I expect better from someone who claims to be from a pluralistic democratic blue state like California. Sad.


  5. I’m beginning to understand why this site changed hands, from recent Twitter discussion.


  6. @Ibn Issam
    Sorry not sure I’m replying correctly I use my phone so it’s on mobile.
    Yes I condemn any physical violence but being from the US I guess I just believe that people can basically say what they like. I get that’s not really the same in Europe which is where I assume you’re from (apologies if that’s not the case)
    You say I focus more on Muslim violence and don’t focus on other groups and it’s mainly because I don’t see it coming from the other groups as much. Of course that’s just my view I don’t know all the goings on in the world but i would imagine it’s a lot easier walking around with a beard and a skull cap than an EDL t shirt or something in a lot of england.

    Lastly I think it’s kinda funny that you expect more from someone from California. You would dislike most people where I’m from. Very liberal and not religious at all haha. CA is not all that it’s cracked up to be…. sorry for the long message


    • Norcal,
      Why would you think I am from Europe. Am I typing with a British accent? I am from U.S. and I have family in California, whom I visit often. So I am VERY familiar with people from your state, I know many highly religious people from there (apparently you and I run in different circles), but even the people I know from CA who are not religious are highly vocal in their disapproval of everything that a guy like Tommy Robinson and the EDL/British first types stand for.

      I understand Tommy’s viewpoint and concerns, and believe me they are all based on misunderstandings, misperceptions, misportrayal, lies, and irrational fear of Islam, which makes much of what he says baseless, he thrives on antagonizing the Muslim community until he gets a negative response, and then says “look at what the Muslims are doing” while ignoring all the massive antagonism (and even violence) from his own side, himself included.

      I have traveled around the world a lot, and I based on your comments I think your views are one sided, and based on some misunderstandings and misperceptions of England, Europe, and Islam. And yes, you seem to focus on Muslim violence, likely because that is what the biased corporate owned and controlled media, and right wing pundits (whom you seem to parrot) tell you to focus on. I encourage you to try and think for yourself.

      You seem like you might be a nice person. I encourage you to open your heart and mind, try to understand Islam the way main stream orthodox everyday peaceful Muslims understand it. Try to look at modern politics and current events from both sides of the divide. Reevaluate some of your own views. Have some empathy and understanding of others, take a more well balanced approach.

      Islam teaches us that we should condemn wrong doing, injustice, tyranny, oppression, criminality, no matter who is doing it, and that we should always stand for Justice and be an honest witness even if against our own.

      There is a lot of good in Islam, and if the Western societies could just be a little more tolerant, understanding, and accepting, they would find that Islam and Muslims have a lot of positive input to offer and that they can easily fit into and be a benefit to a pluralistic and society.

      It only takes some patience, understanding, and mutual respect.

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  7. @Ibn Issam I assumed you were from Europe because Paul is and thought you were maybe a speakers corner guy or something like that… although I guess this site has a much broader reach than just a park in London obviously
    And alright fair enough I can say that I’m not biased and try to look at things from all sides, but you will think I’m biased and I will think you are… the truth is probably somewhere in between. peace out


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