Punish a Muslim Day 2018

April 3rd, 2018 is supposed to be “Punish a Muslim Day”. The authorities have not determined whether or not the letter was legitimate or if there was a specific person or organization behind it. As such, it would be best for Muslims to be alert and pro-active tomorrow. Do not make yourself a victim. If you can avoid going out, please do so. If you see anyone being harmed, immediately call the authorities. Do not let women and children be by themselves tomorrow.


This might seem like a silly overreaction but we have to consider that even if the letter began as a hoax, it has developed into a worldwide phenomenon. It’s taken on a life of its own. So regardless of whether it was fake and illegitimate to begin with, we now do have to consider it as something serious. This year has recorded several attacks against Muslims before this letter was made public. One notable incident occurred where a 19 year old Muslim teen was punched in the head.

It is better to be safe than to risk the chance of being harmed. We’ve had the incident of right-wingers bombing a Masjid in the US. People have been run over with cars. All of these incidents point towards a growing trend of violence towards Muslims, our communities must engage with the authorities to counteract this rise in Islamophobia, we must engage in da’wah (basically public relations campaigns), we need to engage sincerely with those that disagree with us. Whatever your views, politically or religiously, please try to keep yourselves safe tomorrow.

and Allah knows best.

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  1. Disgusting, we do not support this and I will be calling out anyone who does.

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  2. Thanks for the warning!

    It is striking that Christians often attempt to convince others that they are the most persecuted people in the world. It is clear that they push such a conspiratorial myth in order to inspire the faithful, and fund churches.

    Meanwhile, out in the real world, rising Islamophobia and increased hatred, bigotry, intolerance and physical violence towards individual Muslim people, and communities is rising, even up to the extent that entire Muslim countries have been invaded, occupied, subjected to all forms of crimes against humanity including wholesale slaughter.

    If anyone is really persecuted in the world today…..it is the Muslims.

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  3. What a disgusting people!

    May Allah protect our brother muslims wherever they are.


  4. Any post for #AfghanistanMassacre which happened yesterday !?


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