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  • Ash Wednesday Against the Backdrop of the Bible and Jewish Tradition

    An exploration of Ash Wednesday in light of the Bible and Jewish tradition.

  • On the Nuances of “Halloween”

    Is the Vigil of the Feast of All Saints really a mere redressing of a pagan festival?

  • Christ’s Sacrifice and God’s Justice

    “It could well be that God has morally sufficient reasons to allow the finite suffering in the world […] God may have morally sufficient reasons to allow the evil and sufferings in the world, because of a greater good. […]… Read More ›

  • Brief Note on Dogs and Those At The Table, in Matthew and the Zohar

    «The ‘peculiar benevolence’ the woman finally receives from Jesus in the story certainly qualifies her as a προσηλυτος.»[1] The story of Jesus’ exchange with a gentile woman, in Matthew 15:22-28, has fascinated (and scandalized) many. Some feel the text has… Read More ›

  • How Obvious is Development in the Gospels? A Few Brief Thoughts on Methodology

    The idea that the Gospels comprise layers of development is widely accepted. Such is taken for granted in scholarly literature, is taught at most seminaries (perhaps all highly regarded seminaries), and is certainly taught in all courses on the New… Read More ›

  • The Biblical Adam and the Genus Homo

    “Ecclesiae Magisterium non prohibet quominus « evolutionismi » doctrina, quatenus nempe de humani corporis origine inquirit ex iam exsistente ac vivente materia oriundi — animas enim a Deo immediate creari catholica fides nos retinere iubet” -Pope Pius XII[1] For more… Read More ›

  • Can God Sleep? A Brief Dyophysite Exploration of Christology, Neurobiology and Somnology

    [Nota Bene: I hope (time permitting and God willing) to do a series of entries for this blog on the subject of the plausibility of Christian doctrine in light of “natural revelation” (i.e. what can be inferred from observing creation)…. Read More ›