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  1. The One and Only true God who is alone delegated His powers to His prophet Jesus Christ. Later Jesus Christ handed over the powers to God. So, Jesus is not God.

    Most prophets had God delegated His powers to them. I can remember the following.

    -Solomon has the power to direct wind to blow where he wants. He has to power to control creatures and he controls jinns/ants/birds etc. and hear their languages. Solomon can order someones throne to be in his palace within seconds. And many more.

    -Moses uses stick to part red sea.

    -Yes, prophet Mohammed told some people(disciples) that they will go to heaven. Christians would have said he is God because they keep telling us that Jesus said “your sins are forgiven”.

    With all the above no Jew or Muslim will say Solomon, Moses or Mohammed are Gods because they did what God does. God can delegate His powers to his prophets and anyone He wills and that person is not God.



  2. Reblogged this on The Quran and Bible Blog and commented:
    Jesus (peace be upon him) will be subjected to God’s authority in the end. Why then is he worshiped as “God”?


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