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  1. I’ve got a poem like that on my blog. People need to quit whining and shape up.


  2. why good things happen to bad people?

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    • The problem of evil and suffering are poorly answered, as dealt with by the Bible, as Dr. Bart Ehrman has so clearly argued in his book, “God’s Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question–Why We Suffer”

      However, while it may be a cause for many to lose faith in Christianity, I, unlike Dr. Ehrman, do not think that the problem of suffering and evil is a reason to lose faith in God himself. The problem of evil and suffering only seems to be a problem within the weak theological underpinnings of Christianity, and yet the same problem is not really an issue in most other religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Shintoism, and Islam, all of which offer good, rational and convincing answers about suffering and evil which allow one to maintain faith in the basic core tenants of the respective faith, and in the case of Islam to maintain faith in God.


  3. Great question!

    Why did allah allow mohammed to die a slow, drawn-out death in excruciating pain?


    • The same reason why many righteous people have and will die an excruciating painful death: leaving this world painfully all for the sake of the Almighty.
      And btw even your question isn’t right cus the Prophet (saw) was given a chance by the Allah to choose.
      But a better question is: why be a sly, wicked little snake and try and be a venom throwing little scum Brian? Didn’t the holy spook teach you anything other than being a vile piece of trash?


    • Because early Christians could not understand or accept the death of their mortal prophet, they reinterpreted the OT (i.e. original sin) and built their innovated theology (Trinity, Atonement, freedom from the law, faith based redemption etc.) all with the intent to justify and explain why God allowed Jesus to suffer and be disgracefully tortured, brutally murdered and executed by his enemies resulting in his failure to fully deliver his message and establish the Kingdom.

      Christian theology would have likely been much more acceptable, logical, and believable if they would have just accepted the basic fact that all mortal souls enevitably taste of death….including Jesus.


    • The doctrine of ressurection is also aimed at explaining why God allowed Jesus to die a slow, drawn-out death in excruciating pain.


    • What is your explanation for why allah saved jesus from suffering an excruciating death by replacing him with a double (LOL) but allowed mohammed to suffer? Is jesus more beloved by allah than mohammed?


    • He saved him because it is one of the most HUMILIATING deaths you can imagine. Naked on a cross for everyone to see! Is this your god? Pathetic!
      Further more allowing someone to suffer and others not to suffer doesn’t in anyway mean that the latter are superior to the former. Some bad people get saved by God all the time and other bad people don’t. Some good people get saved by God all the time and other good people don’t.
      So are you willing to apply the same “logic” to them as well?
      The Prophet’s mission (conveying the message: Qur’an) was complete so he fulfilled his task. And he left this world telling others to worship the one true God and not take any partners in worship with Him.
      Jesus his mission is not complete. He still needs to destroy the anti-christ. Only after that will his mission be completed. Perhaps he’ll die painfully as well but we don’t know that yet.

      How is it possible that a xtian is asking such questions??? This is a typical atheist question. When xtians don’t have anything they’ll jump on the atheist bandwagon and be hypocrites beyond belief while damaging their own belief just in an attempt to score a cheap point against Islam.

      So you are arguing that when God allows someone to die painfully while others getting healed or miraculously survive different forms of cancer that that implies God loves the latter more than the former???


    • Muhammad(pbuh) had lots of trials throughout his life, not just on his deathbed. But despite all that, he was successful in delivering the message and fulfilling the responsibilities of a prophet. Many prophets if not all of them had tough times as you can see from the Bible.

      Jesus(as) was raised alive as he has a mission to do in his second coming, in which he will die.

      “…….Is jesus more beloved by allah than mohammed?……”
      It’s not for us to say one prophet was more beloved than the other by God. Did Jesus(as) had many followers who loved him during his ministry as much as Muhammad(saw) was loved by his companions ? You see there can be many things brought forward to show the opposite of what you intended.


    • Adding another reason to the above. Jesus (as) prayed to God to save him and God answered his prayers.


    • Brian
      April 28, 2018 • 5:29 pm
      Great question!

      Why did allah allow mohammed to die a slow, drawn-out death in excruciating pain?

      I say;
      14 The prophet Elisha was sick with a fatal disease, and as he lay dying, King Jehoash of Israel went to visit him.

      Most Prophets get sick and some died through their sickness. Does that make them not prophets? Most good people get sick and some bad people never had any seritgous sickness in their lives. Does that makes the bad people good and the good people bad?

      Your prophet Paul of Tarsus was beheaded. Jesus’s cousine and a prophet who is John the Babtist was beheaded. Is the beheading not excruciating pain? Pope John Paul could not raise his head and always had twisted neck with pain for a long time before his death. Did Christians abandoned Pope John Paul? and consider him bad?

      Jesus was saved from death according to Islam, not from pain. All prophets suffer pain. The question is why did the God of Jesus not save him from the death and pain he asked for?


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  4. “but allowed mohammed to suffer? Is jesus more beloved by allah than mohammed?”

    give the guy some respect. while your god cried like a bitch “why have you forsaken me” only after a few hours of being on the cross, Muhammad telling his people to worship God and not turn his grave into place of worship. even in his SUFFERING he is telling people “turn to God”

    your god cried like a BITCH, even saddam hussain had more faith than jesus.


    the guy didn’t beg his god like a bitch and then when god didn’t rescue him cried like a bitch “why hav u forsaken me”

    even saddam didn’t say that

    if few hours on the cross makes jesus lose faith in yhwhs “plan” how would a dip in hell fire be?

    you need to demonstrate if suffering of muhammad was like few hours on the cross. you need to also demonstrate if love of God is based on the idea that if muhammad suffers and jesus doesn’t then that means muhammad is not beloved. where you get this belief from?

    and you need to consult islamicsources, if jesus will go to war , he will suffer too .

    and i forgot to mention, you do remember that you are a crosstian, right?

    you believe “human nature” and “spiritual nature”

    so can you demonstrate muhammad was suffering in his “spiritual state” ?

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  5. Brian are you Joel?


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