The Origins Of The Taj Mahal: Looking Back | Jack The Lad

Jack The Lad

We came across a quote from the well known actor Will Smithgoing viral over the Internet

I was in India recently and my hotel was near the Taj Mahal. Five times a day there would be a call for prayer, and it was the most beautiful thing. I was lying in my bed thinking, no matter what your religion is, it would be great to have that reminder five times a day to remember your Lord and savior.” – Will Smith

He also played probably the most famous Muslim and most recognised figure of all times the 3 time heavy weight champion of the world Muhammad Ali.

Actor Will Smith starring in the blockbuster movie ‘Ali’

This inspired us to look into the history of Islam in India and one of the seventh wonders of the world theTaj Mahal. It was built by the Mughal emperor…

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