Can an incoherent doctrine of God be from God?


Three divine persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, are each considered God but each remains distinct from the other two. Thus, the Father is God but is not the Son or the Holy Spirit while the Son is God but not the Father or the Holy Spirit. Finally, the Holy Spirit is God but neither the Son nor the Father. Assuming there is only one God, the Trinity implies:   

i   Christ must be his own Father and his own son;

ii  The Holy Spirit is neither Father nor Son yet he is both;

iii  The Son was begotten by the Father but existed before he was begotten;

iv  Christ is as old as his Father;

v   The Father is as young as his son;

vi  The Holy Spirit proceeded from the Father and Son but he is as old as his ‘parents’. 

These are absurd prepositions. Throughout history millions of Christians have left the convoluted complexities of their dogmatics to embrace Islam’s simple creed.

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  1. We are happy that you have done so Paul.

    You provide all with much needed reflections on the most important issue of life…our connection with God Almighty.

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  2. Never! God is not a cake which can be divided into three.

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