Women are Role Models for Men too | Jack The Lad


Jack The Lad

The greatest women of all time are not only the best of examples for women to follow – but they are also the best of examples for men to realise the value and importance of a woman.

you know
Something must be wrong when almost every single song has
sex as its basis
when rap stars get famous after making lyrics that are shameless
when a woman is expected to sleep with a man who doesn’t even know what her name is
and when artists are paid to degrade the
very woman that have made them
to the point they are
nothing more than pieces of plastic
that we can dispose of once they are no longer attractive..
it’s sickening and sadistic that this world’s become so misogynistic
and you can call me unrealistic
but just listen to the statistics

7 in 10 men view porn while over…

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