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  1. Williams, it’s not an issue of apologizing. it’s about conclusively proving that these actions go against the teachings of Islam and therefore those carrying such acts are unfaithful to their own religious sources. So here is my advice to you. Start posting lectures by recognized Muslim authorities that not only show what Islam teaches about treatment of non-Muslims, but also provide thorough refutations to the verses and hadiths that these wicked sons of the devil appeal to in order to justify their massacres.


    • Sam the Orlando massacre has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. There is no need for me to refute anything.

      Did you ask Christians to apologize for Breivik’s massacre in Norway? Didn’t think so. So don’t ask Muslims to apologize for Orlando.


    • You still didn’t get it and you are deceiving yourself. The massacres have everything to do with Islam since the man was a Muslim who did it in the name of Allah. Therefore, you do need to show that this man didn’t understand Islam and so what he did is not justified by the Islamic sources, even though he thinks it is. So enough with your red herrings since I can link up dozens of articles and lectures showing what Breivik did is condemned by the Bible. Therefore, you need to do start posting articles and lectures showing why and how this satan wasn’t complying with the teachings of his prophet.


    • you and I understand Islam very very differently. I see no need to answer to anything this mentally ill nutter did. He claimed to be “Muslim” so what – what does that prove? Nothing.

      I could say I was Napoleon Bonaparte and demand the French people rise up and follow me. lol So what. Claiming to be something does not make it so.

      So thanks for your ‘advice’ Sam but no – you just don’t get it.

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    • Williams, if you stop always being on the defensive and assuming that I am attacking you, you would see that I am trying to help you make your case. All I am advising you to do is start posting clips, lectures and articles from Muslims such as Shaykh al-Yaquobi, Hamza Yusuf, who refute the misquotation of the Quran and sunna by these agents of Satan and demonstrate what these sources actually teach. That’s it! I am not trying to debate you nor am I arguing that what this wicked son of Satan did was faithful to Islam.

      So take a chill pill my good friend.

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    • ok then, thank you.

      But it still seems to me that this sick individual’s actions had nothing to do with Islam so on principle I’m not going to rehash the many posts on this blog featuring people like Hamza Yusuf & Shaykh al-Yaquobi criticizing Isis etc.


  2. Paul, we’ve had a few little disagreements here and there, but that’s actually encouraged me to extend this invitation to you: http://wp.me/p4V4lR-ML

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  3. thanks but what is the invitation?


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