Was Jesus an Apocalypticist? Leading scholars discuss this important question

The video begins with a segment from the movie, “The Apocalypse – The Movie (2000)” starring Richard Harris, which leads into an interview where Bart D. Ehrman gives an overview of what an apocalypse means. Also interviews with Loren T. Stuckenbruck Professor of New Testament, Princeton Theological Seminary, and John J. Collins who is the Holmes Professor of Old Testament Criticism & Interpretation at Yale Divinity School, along with a glimpse of the late Harold Camping awaiting the end on May 21, 2011.

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  1. He probably was … implications?


  2. Those Books were written just for the people of that time. Bart

    When you find an opportunity, Dr. Ehrman, prove that statement is accurate. Also, pestilence, disease, earthquakes (30 earthquakes of magnitude 2.5+ took place in the last 24 hours in places including Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Alaska,) etc. have taken place since recorded history and other nations held Israel captive, not just the Roman Empire. Almost every sentence you spoke is either not true or incomplete and misinforms the listener. I would hope that one of America’s most prominent biblical scholars would be concerned with this lack of accuracy.

    Many who were present when He claimed they would not see death until His kingdom was ushered in, were living when He died, rose again and sent the The Comforter in His place. The sorrowful dying thief saw that kingdom before he left this earth. To see Him was to see GOD. A new era was ushered in after His death, but He Himself, in bodily form was in fact the Kingdom, a Kingdom without boundaries or possessions, lands buildings or things. His Kingdom consists of loving hearts, human beings who’ve come to know and love this God-Man individually. Recognizing Him and loving Him is the Kingdom He described. The new Kingdom is based on His love, His compassion, His forgiveness. He abolished the law to fulfill the law in His person. Everything about this God has been and is about love, although terribly handled and profoundly misinterpreted.

    We, you and I, are the Temple, and always were.


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