200 Thousand Christian Children Were Married Before 10 In India


Discover The Truth

Nearly 200 thousand Christian children were married before the age of 10 years in India, reveals an Discover The Truth analysis not long ago released, census data from Government Of India – Ministry Of Home Affairs.

The biggest group of a particular faith married off were Hindus, according to the data available it said that nearly 11 million Hindu children were married off before the age of 10.

Female children were married off a lot more, compared to boys. The data showed that female children were two times more likely to be married off, compared to boys.

The census data further showed that these marriages mainly took place in areas were they are poor and illiteracy is very high.

Although the legal age for marriage in India is 18 and over, many of these laws are ignored in the villages where child marriages occur.

Census dataCensus data

In Numbers: boys…

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