Shaykh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali Responds To Converted2Islam Why I Left Islam | Part 2

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  1. Wow! All glory to the Lord Jesus, this guy has really rocked the entire Muslim world which is why so many Muslims are scurrying to undue the damage he is doing as he exposes Islam foe what it truly is! May the risen Lord continue to preserve him for his glory and use him to set Muslims free from the bondage of Muhammad! Amin!


  2. Brilliant article Kaleef! I wouldn’t like to be in Sam’s shoes 😉

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  3. paul’s pal. Yeah, you keep on promoting a guy who laughs at your trinity!
    Do you remember farhan qureshi you also promoted and wanted desperately to embrace your triune god! Well guess what, he’s dumped you for universalism! I don’t agree with farhan, the reason why i’m posting this link is so that you can listen to him describing salafism and calvinism as basically on the same end if the spectrum. And he describes both as a CANCER!!!!! I do not agree with him. But then i never promoted him as you have done by inviting him to speak on that show you use to host!!!! Enjoy farhan ‘spitting in your eye’ !!!!! LOL. !!!!

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  4. And here’s farhan trying to convert your favourite messianic jew to universalism! Again, your darling farhan speaks against christianity as ‘exclusivism’ !!
    Listen and weep!!!! LOL!!!

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    • The perennialist school says you can have a universalist perspective but you must follow an orthodox well proven tradition of the major religions, practice orthodox rituals of one tradition.
      Not some “spiritual” new age mumbo jumbo.


  5. Actually, maybe shamoun should listen to farhans advice and consider universalism to christianity, start meditating and contemplating buddist/hindu philosophy! Maybe then he will become a sincere, caring and respectful soul. As christianity had clearly failed to produce an anouce of compassion in shamoun’s dark, damaged and angry soul!!!

    No….i don’t even think that will make sam campassionate towards those he disagrees with!!!! LOL!!!😜😂


  6. Shamoun: this guy has really rocked the entire Muslim world

    Man, you really dont have a life outside of the internet!

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  1. A discussion on Paul Williams blog,, in which I got involved about half-way down the comments | Badmanna's Blog

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