‘The more the community silenced him, the more the media gave him a voice’

For too long, the Islamic preacher was given a platform on mainstream media and presented as representative of millions of Muslims. Click on pic for the article.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 13.45.11

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  1. I must say that since Choudharys name has sadly once again entered the headlines there have been fingers raised towards ‘political correctness’ as the culprit for why he was allowed to preach his message for so long, however what is rarely considered is why many of these same people have heard about him in the first place?

    I doubt many of them were present during his various ill attended marches or taking notes during his ‘lectures’ to the many angry and stupid people who follow him, the only reason i believe that his name is so widespread can be placed at the foot of those who most benefit from it being this way. Both those media outlets who happily gave him airtime so that the audience could tune in and collectively jeer him like they were at an episode of Jerry Springer but with a bigger budget and secondly those who wish to use him to further their own claims that Muslims in Britain are somehow a threat and thus justify their xenophobia.

    The truth is that this man was irrelevant to Muslims, is irrelevant to Muslims, and will always be irrelevant to Muslims. Lets all hope that justice will be done and he can go and do what he always does whether it be in prison or not, which is to sponge off of the state.

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  2. Good riddance. Alhamdolillah! Hope he gets beaten up in prison.


  3. Lazy and irresponsible journalism across the board. This guy was the go-to-guy for the BBC too. He was a regular on Newsnight, anybody would think he was being lined up to be Paxman’s successor!

    The media did the same thing with Tommy Robinson and Paul Golding.

    It will only encourage people on the extreme fringes of society, be they far right extremist or religious extremists, to aim for a limelight the media are readily willing to give. It’s almost like the media wants to build such toxic characters in society.

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  4. “It’s almost like the media wants to build such toxic characters in society.”

    I’m glad he was convicted but can’t help but point my figure at the government for allowing him to do what he did in the first place. Like many other extreme leaders, they simply used him for their own agenda and then disposed of him like a toy when he was no longer necessary.

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  5. throw away the key and have the media group attend weekends with him to understand who they were creating. it’s what these pigs thrive on – excuse the language..but it is the correct word to label him with.

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