Zayd, Zaynab And Muhammed: Fabrications And Lies

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Kaleef K. Karim


1. Introduction
2. Fabricated stories
3. The Marriage Of Zaid To Zaynab
4. Zaid Complains To Prophet Muhammed About Zaynab
5. Scholars: The Divorce of Zaynab Took Place Due To Zayd Being a Former-Slave
6. Prophet Muhammed (p) Stopped Zayd A Number Of Times From Divorcing Zaynab
7. Conclusion

1. Introduction

The marriage of Prophet Muhammed to Zaynab has been wrongly interpreted and some critics, Christian missionaries, and orientalists have taken the opportunity to attack the Prophet’s character with false and fabricated stories.

2. Fabricated stories

It is well known that the enemies make up lies about Prophet Muhammed. It is claimed that one day the Prophet (p) went over to see if Zaid was at home, but he did not find him there. While the Prophet was outside, one of the curtains moved or he saw her through the door, Zaynab’s shape of her body, and exclaimed…

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  1. In fact, I didn’t expect that Ismael Abu Adam would reach this level of baseness.


  2. Here is a PART 2 on Muhammed’s marriage to Zaynab

    Muhammed’s Marriage To Zaynab: Closer Read Of Surah 33:37 [Part 2]

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