A Closer Look At Awtas Incident In Relation To Quran 4:24

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Kaleef K. Karim

Although we have written about Surah 4:24 and the time of its revelation, we are going to look over some of the claims once again, to get a better understanding of this incident historically.

We showed that the verse (Q. 4:24) was revealed in relation to the battle of Hunayn, where the Hawazin and Thaqifites prepared with their people to attack the Muslim community. Husbands and wives came to this battle to annihilate the Muslim community.

In this article we are not going to go over Surah 4:24’s historical time of revelation, as we have dealt with this great detail here: “What Happened To The Captive Women In Awtas Incident?

In this piece, we will try to respond to some common claims made in regards to the Hadith and Quranic verse, with more information available to us.

The Hadith reports used for this claim are the…

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