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  1. Must be for the men and children

    Clearly, the women in the burkas won’t need sun protection!


  2. Those look awesome. Is Medina the only city where they have umbrellas like that?


  3. Can you post the link, sir?!


  4. it nice when the bartering system works – the Americans buy the Arabs oil with USD give it to Israel for free as “the sky is falling down” lol..all paid for by the American tax payer who in turn is a slave to not only the Saudis but also to the zionists who own the USD – a vicious circle indeed. Makes me wonder if the US led Zionist government does anything like that..I mean give shelter to the endless long list of homeless veterans who fought so galantly for the zionist regime of the day when they used the American war machine and took over Afghanistan and Iraq.

    How one eyed you all are. You are to busy looking where they want you to look while they enslave you further. not that it matters anyway as murder is enshrined into US culture now it has created what is known outside of America as “generation kill” – that’s what happens when you instil children with constant visions of death and despair throughout their childhood using certain tools of installations – and you actually believe that ISIS are Muslims that’s another joke outside of America it’s as if you people are the last to know…

    perhaps next time Obama visits the palace and instead of covering his body with gold necklaces he could ask to borrow these umbrellas for the war veterans who die on the streets in America – it’s kind of sad that they would serve there but die at home..by a total neglect by the very people who they fought for..aghhh what’s a death over there to you guys..happens all the time.


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