Most Misinterpreted Verses Of The Quran?

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Kaleef K. Karim, Aliyu Musa Misau & Bachir Guediri

The religion of Islam has been degraded and vilified by those who seem to believe that they have a better understanding of the religion, compared to the consensus of scholars for the past 1400 years. These misguided individuals cite a verse here and a verse there which they believe to be violent in the sense that the verses endorse violence against innocents. They conveniently or we would prefer to say, they deliberately leave out the historical context regarding why and when these verses were revealed. When one engages with them, correcting their misunderstanding of these verse(s), they often accuse us of ‘cherry picking’!

If one is educated, surely one would understand that any text (religious or non-religious) without context is practically meaningless or has a distorted meaning. For example, a man could yell at his friend saying:

“I will beat you!”

This sentence could be problematic…

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