Was Jesus a Muslim? Listen to the answer..

Was Jesus a Muslim? Listen to the answer: Muslim = Anyone or anything that submits to God’s will

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  1. What would be the purpose of saying that Jesus was a Muslim? If in this context it simply refers to one who is devoted to God. There are many people before and after Muhammad who would fit the bill.


    • exactly. That is what the Qur’an teaches. Its just the Arabic word for one who submits to God. Christians deny Jesus submitted to God despite all the gospel evidence.

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    • Would you extend the term Muslim to those after the advent of Islam or is it now a specific term for those who follow Muhammad?

      I know what you mean though about Jesus i was a little confused however since the only other major example the Qur’an gives is that of Abraham. However with Jesus being a follower of Moses wouldn’t it be more accurate to say he is a Jew and a follower of Judaism? Since the Qur’an acknowledges that Jews are a group with their own revelation given to them.


    • In Islam you are commanded to submit to mohammed and all his decisions? Can you be a muslim without submitting to mohammed?


    • Yes as there were Muslims prior to Muhammad. The term Muslim can be read literally as “one who submits to God” alone and without associating anything with him as equal to him.

      The term also is used by those who follow the Prophet Muhammad and more importantly the revelation from God that was sent to him and preserved in the Qur’an. This revelation not only reveals the will of God to all humanity but also confirms the previous revelations given to Prophets such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus etc…

      They are also considered Muslims because they submitted to God whereas others might seek to claim them for themselves as if they could put into your pocket, what matters most is this unity of faith and obedience to God as we can see if we learn about their lives in both the Qur’an and the Bible.

      In fact when Muhammad spoke with the Christians and Jews we find this unity was always the first thing to be said. The Qur’an even instructs Muhammad to do this. Surah 3 is a good example of this since it was when he was about to meet the Christians of the Najran. Verses 30-60 or around about there.

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  2. I think, like the guy said in the video, things become clearer when we make a distinction between Muslim as a definition and Muslim as a person who follows the religion of Islam.

    If a Muslim is simply anyone or anything that submits to God’s will then by that definition not only Jesus but every Jew, Christian or any religious person who submits to God’s will is a Muslim in that sense. That would even include non religious people such as atheists or agnostics who do the will of God even when they do not know, I will show an example soon to show what I mean. I have often repeatedly mentioned Jesus’ quote in the gospels when he says “whoever does the will of my Father who is in heaven is my brother, my sister and my mother.” (Matthew 12:50, also Mark 3:35 and Luke 8:21)
    Jesus also once said “not everyone who calls me ‘Lord Lord’ shall enter the kingdom, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven”. (Matthew 7:21)
    This means he is extending the inclusion into the kingdom of God to everyone, not merely the person who claims to belong to a particular religion.
    So how can atheists and agnostics also do the will of God? Well they do so in 2 ways. The first way is when they follow the commandment that says “love your neighbour as yourself”. Jesus said this is one of the greatest commandments and that the whole Law/Torah is summarised or fulfilled by this commandment and also the commandment to love God with all your heart. Both commandments work simultaneously because if you love God with all your heart then you will also love your neighbour, and if you love your neighbour then you are also showing love to God because you are fulfilling one of His commandments. This is why I said even atheists and agnostics who can show love to other human beings can do the will of God.
    The 2nd way is pretty much similar, it comes down to a parable that Jesus used. The parable of the goats and sheep found in Matthew 25:31-46 where Jesus essentially says that on the last day human beings will be separated by whoever showed acts of kindness and mercy and whoever didn’t. Jesus will bring in to the kingdom those who showed kindness and mercy to disadvantaged people such as the sick, those who were hungry or those in prison. Then those people who helped will say “but lord when did we do this for you?” And Jesus will say “the least of my brothers and sisters you did this for, you also did for me”. So Jesus is essentially identifying each act of kindness or lack of kindness to himself. When you do something kind to another person it’s like you’re doing it to Jesus also, and when you do harm to another it’s like you’re harming him also.
    This is how anyone, whether religious or non-religious can do the will of God, and in that sense be a Muslim.

    Now if we’re talking about Muslim as one who follows the religious practice of Islam then of course Jesus was not a Muslim in that sense. The 5 pillars of Islam are something that Jesus would never have done during his time. Jesus never declared the shahada in his lifetime since Muhammad was not even born, he didn’t perform the 5 ritual prayers a day (salat) since that was introduced in the Quran, he didn’t fast during Ramadan since Ramadan also didn’t exist in his time or at least in his region, and he almost certainly did not perform the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. He may or may not have given alms but that wouldn’t count as an exclusive Islamic practice since Jews did that anyway.
    This example is now where the distinctions come between Jews, Christians, Muslims and followers of other faiths. Each faith has its own unique practices and customs which distinguish it from another.

    However in a spiritual sense, we are all truly the same.
    If we go simply by definitions then we are all Muslims, Jews and Christians. What is the definition of a Jew, or a Christian? It would be exactly like that of a Muslim, one who submits to the will of God. A Christian is simply by definition, a follower of Jesus Christ. But Jesus Christ was a Jew, so technically every Christian is a Jew. Now the word Jew can be more complex as it can mean many different things but in a religious or spiritual sense, a Jew is simply someone who believes in and worships the one true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and who also follows the Torah. The relationship between Christianity and the Torah is a complex one, however every Christian believes in the Torah, reads it and observes it in some way or another. Since Muslims also believe in Jesus Christ then every Muslim if we simply go by definition would also be a Christian and now we see that the cycle starts again.

    So to conclude it all, though there is a distinction in belief and practice in a religious sense between the different world religions, in spirit they really are all the same (particularly the Abrahamic religions), since we all believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and since we all (or at least try to) submit our wills to Him.

    What I don’t like however is when Muslims casually say “Jesus was a Muslim” to Christians because for someone like me who knows exactly what they’re saying or trying to do, it comes down as very deceptive. If you want to say Jesus was a Muslim then you should explain what you mean because by definition the person you’re saying that to would then also be a Muslim, but if you just throw out the term like that, very often you’ll find that the Christian will only understand in terms of what they know about Islam rather than by the simple definition of Muslim. I believe when the Quran says that all the prophets were Muslims it means it in a spiritual sense, not a religious one as I’ve already explained above. The best definition is what I saw in Surah 2:62 and 5:69, “Verily! Those who believe and those who are Jews and Christians, and Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and do righteous good deeds shall have their reward with their Lord, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve .”


    • Nice reflection


    • “Those who believe” yes but what are the pre-requisites of that belief? Can’t you simply say ” I believe” and not practice the laws and expect to be excluded from the consequences? It seems like a desperate attempt at excusing non-compliance when you really think about it. Also, those were people of the book and we know for certain they don’t have their original book now also are you telling us that Jews and Christians in any great number believe in Allah?


  3. Apologies if I repeated anything anyone already said, I haven’t refreshed the page all day so I didn’t see all the comments


  4. Can you post the link, brother?


  5. Did Jesus ever say the shahada? Did he obey the 5 pillars? NEVER! He went to the synagoge and obeyed Gods Torah, he even fulfilled the Torah. His disciples wrote many things that contradicts the quran. Jsus was born from a jewish mother. Anything proofs that Jesus was Jew. Th muslims corrupted the bible and put these corrupted parts in the quran. Again: I really do not understand that someone who is not born in a muslim culture doesn’t see that.


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