Introducing the Blogging Theology writers (old and new)

11058742_1608794742736490_4146475865066507776_nI am pleased to announce that Richard Zetter has accepted my invitation to be an author and contributor to Blogging Theology. He describes himself as an evangelical Christian and a Calvinist. He has just completed post-graduate research at the University of Oxford in Judaism and early Christianity. Richard has complete freedom to publish whatever he wants on this blog, and I’m sure his gentle and intelligent approach to theology will endear him to us all.


Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.29.33Eric bin Kisam, a Muslim, describes himself as طلب العلم A Seeker of the knowledge. He is a regular contributor to a number of distinguished websites. Eric is proficient in Arabic, biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and NT Greek (and English!). He lives in Indonesia. His posts on Blogging Theology are always erudite and thoughtful.


Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.40.42I am pleased to announce that Burhanuddin1, a Muslim, has accepted my invitation to be an author and contributor to Blogging Theology. He lives in Germany and has made many witty and insightful comments on this blog. His first post Why God cannot have a son was published yesterday


13891989_918175664960112_2613536049813195241_nI am pleased to announce that Ijaz Ahmad has accepted my invitation to be an author and contributor to Blogging Theology. Readers will know him from the popular Calling Christians daw’ah organisation and from recent debates & lectures in Canada. Here Ijaz is pictured with Dr Shabir Ally.


10544781_1444767559141829_5101564029194557615_nI am pleased to announce that Yahya Snow has accepted my invitation to be an author and contributor to Blogging Theology. Readers will know him from his blogs The Facts About Islam and Yahya Snow’s Blog and his much watched You Tube channel.


fpTGgmKXLast and definitely least is Paul Williams, described recently by Christian polemicist James White as “the most inconsistent Islamic apologist around”. Paul is a former Evangelical Christian (Calvinist) who embraced Islam about ten years ago. He owns and runs Blogging Theology. 

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  1. Looking forward to reading their articles. 😀

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  2. Also looking forward to witnessing Richard’s conversion to Islam, Inshallah 😜

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  3. I’m joking Richard ( although I will pray God guides to the truth)! 😜
    I think i’ve seen you with Paul at Speakers Corner , on youtube? Enjoyed your intellectual contributions. 😄

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  4. I think that is so cool Paul that you have invited a Christian blogger to “freely” contribute post on your blog. I don’t care for Calvinist myself but it’s all good…lol Eric is the man and every thing he post is backed up with solid research and a humble intelligence!

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  5. Quite interesting Bro. Williams. Will look forward to seeing their posts. Wish to be a contributor too one day. Envy these brothers.

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  6. Very interesting.
    I hope Richard can talk about the idea of Binitarianism within ancient Jewish communities – I really feel some evnagelicals who have agendas overplay how widespread this idea was .

    Looking forward to learn more about his research.

    I’m already familiar with Eric’s educational posts – love them!

    Looking forward to Burhanuddin’s work too.

    All the best gents.

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    • “Binitarianism”…..the stepping stone to Trinitarianism …and ultimately Polytheism.

      Deviation from the Path of Abraham develops subtly.Which is why there are countless sects. It takes a resolute mind to rein the imagination.
      A faithful man, on his way home to his family, is beckoned to by a scantily-clad female standing on a street corner. Does the man veer off his course to inquire as to what she might want? Has any such action ever ended positively?
      The traditional warning is that ‘curiosity killed the cat’. And so too can ventures into abstracts that almost always lead to confusion and even sometimes loss of faith.


    • Binitarianism is fascinating – would have to study a lot more before I could comment on it though.

      I’m quite new to research and publishing blogs, so I’m afraid I’m not sure what I will be researching. It may well be on the how the Qur’an relates to former scriptures though, as per my first blog.


  7. Salam!
    That means I need more hours browsing your blog! 🙂
    Brother Eric, so exciting to read your articles.

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  8. Brother Paul,

    This doesn’t mean your taking a step back from blogging does it? I hope that’s not the case, personally I enjoy your post and the debate it stirs up. Thanks

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  9. Hello, my relatives in humanity. Can someone post this so we can have a discussion around it on its own thread/post?

    Basically, you have real scholars completely dismantling his desperate attempt to pre-date the Quran before the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) but in the same vain he tries to argue it was decades or centuries after him…(that right there should tell you everything you need to know)

    It basically exposes the revolting compulsive liar Jay “the hypocrite” Smith. He talks about how he “Hopes that Islam is destroyed” but the irony is that he is exposing the false belief of the Pagan Paulians which in turn is strengthening the case for Islam. So with great sincerity, I say to Jay, “Keep up the good work!”



  1. Update: ‘Introducing the Blogging Theology writers (old and new)’ – Blogging Theology

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