Update: ‘Introducing the Blogging Theology writers (old and new)’

I am pleased to announce that Ijaz Ahmad and Yahya Snow have accepted my invitation to be authors and contributors to Blogging Theology. You can read the updated list of writers here:

Introducing the Blogging Theology writers (old and new)

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  1. It would be great if you could also get an atheist or two on board.


  2. Great, both br. Ijaz and Yahya are prolific writers and very up-to-date in this arena, no doubt that their post will stimulates interesting discussions.

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  3. Paul Williams

    Thanks. You have made a wise decision to involve many writers. May Allah help you and all the writers together with the commenters, readers and advertisers as well. It is a site of learning and getting knowledge. Bloggingtheology is becoming international and big.

    We pray for its growth with truth, religious tolerance or freedom of religion as it is with understanding. Sam Shamoun and others can insult us and insult our prophet and is tolerated on a Muslim blog so no one can blame this blog as anti Christian because we have Christian writers and Jewish commenters who liked this blog very well. God bless all.

    Dr. James White and many Christian blogs will say something against Muslims but will not allow Muslims to respond and will block any Muslim. Here on blogging theology anyone is allowed to challenge what is said about his religion to the extent in which the truth will be revealed.

    I think this blog is fair that is why it is so popular and hopefully we will get a sponsor or donor but Allah is our sponsor and donor. People visit here than some sponsored and donor sites.

    God bless Paul Williams.

    Note: Sam Shamoun will insult a very well educated Christian because he does not agree with him. This is extremism and religious intolerance.


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  4. Can I join your comedy team? I am sure this will be a comedy smash hit on the level of the Quran and sunna!

    BTW, did you get to flush satan out of your nose this morning before he passed wind in your brain? ROFL!


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