Conservative Jesus Loving Christian Attacks Muslim Babies And 2 Women


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Picture of Emirjeta Xhelili (Mary Magdalene) the attacker (Facebook) Picture of Emirjeta Xhelili (Mary Magdalene) the attacker (Facebook)

It has emerged that a woman by the name of Emirjeta Xhelili, and her Facebook’s name by Mary Magdalaene attacked two Muslim women ripping their hijabs off their heads. News reports have also said that she went on to attack the women’s babies as well.

Emirjeta Xhelili (Mary Magdalene), has been charged by the Police with a hate crime for the attacks she carried out against the innocent women and babies. Sources have revealed that she punched one of the woman in the face and kicked them both at the same time.

She was identified by one of the victims when the Police were searching. At the time of her arrest, she continued to taunt the victims by saying to them, “You don’t belong here. Get the f**k out of here.”

The vicious attacker, Emirjeta Xhelili (going by the name of…

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  1. LOL and I say LOL

    Really? Another fake Islamopbobe attack, and a poor one at that. At leas all the others had some semblance of believability. Like the Mother who was Murdered by her husband in California, or the Woman who was murdered by her husband in New Jersey, or the Muslims who burned their own mosques… The list goes on and on.

    This one is just bad


    • what is your evidence that it is fake? The police arrested her. Islamophobic attacks on Muslims are very common and increasing. Just ask any Muslim. Surprised you dismiss them.


    • Yes I am quite aware that FAKE islamaphobic attacks are increasing. Just ask the Woman in California, or the woman in New Jersey or the members of the Masjid that was set on fire by a Muslim who was paid to do it by the Imam.

      But you know what really is increasing, Muslim attacks on Kuffar in Western Countries.

      For instance in France…

      “Two families on a cycle ride in Toulon, southern France, came under violent attack after assailants hurled insults at two female partners for wearing shorts, according to prosecutors.”

      Now the difference is that REALLY happened.


    • you are obviously just a bigot and a nasty troll. I pity you.


    • Friend of Paulus probably thinks white non-Muslims are incapable of attacking Muslims so any such report has got to be fake. Yep. He’s a bigot. Thank God I’m a Muslim and not a piece of trash like this guy.

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    • How can you say it was fake ??????????????? You are pernicious as much as I hate Jihadi Islamists
      Ihate Nazi s , Fascists and White Supremacists as Isamist Terrorists claim religion of Islam Supremacists claim Christianity wich is exactly the OPPOSITE of their ideology.
      It is strange how religion can manifest itself in complete opposaition to its original texts and principles
      and not be denounced by the majority of that religion
      Religious manipulation and intolerance exists since religions where born not only in relation to their own religion but especially in relation to shisms of churches and different interprtations . Catholic Church history in relation to non Christians but especially gainst Protestants and in Islam between Sunni , Shia , Alevi, Alawite and other sects of Islam.
      Even in India non Hindus are violently persecuted for eating beef so again not even Hinduism escapes violent forms of intolerance, Ultra Nationalism and political manipulation of the masses.
      By the way I am a” culturally” Christian although skeptical of ” know it all ” concepts by different churches wich divide us all without anybody being able to proove he is right .
      Paulus is not a Christian because he is preaching the opposite of what the Apostle preached.


  2. Well at least I’m not a Muslim. Thank God for that


  3. “The vicious attacker, Emirjeta Xhelili (going by the name of Mary Magdalene), 32-years-old from Brooklyn, was an atheist raised Albanian who converted to Christianity, and a Trump lover/fan”

    Let’s just hope this obviously mentally ill woman gets the treatment she needs.


  4. Kujo is just another pathetic loser with too much on his hands. Notice once again that he presents no evidence for his idiotic claims. The guy is a nut, pure and simple. Another product of Biblical brainwashing, I suppose. LOL!!


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