What you missed today at Speakers’ Corner..

The great Dawah Man – he has a huge following on social media. I was particularly impressed by his expensive new jacket. Dawah pays!


The even greater Hamza Andreas Tzortzis appeared today at Speakers’ Corner. Seen here debating a hapless atheist.


There was some superb musical entertainment.


The ever-lovely and radiant Beth Grove graced Speakers’ Corner with her presence. Here seen with Jay Smith whom she will succeed when Jay leaves these shores for the USA in November.  Their gentle and loving presence will missed by Muslims.


Another popular speaker (centre) who often shares a platform with Jay and Beth. Next to a sharply dressed ex-Muslim.


A Muslim speaker clutching a copy of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (don’t ask me why)


Some “Black Atheists” (they come in all colours apparently).


Andy is a great chap (yes seriously). He has kindly accepted my invitation to write for Blogging Theology. Here he is debating Hamza Tzortzis.



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  1. About “the sharply dressed ex-Muslim” (from Titans TV?) standing next to Hatun — is he really an ex-Muslim or just marketing himself as one? I saw a video a while ago in which he sounded like somebody who spent more time on answering-islam and wikiislam than being a Muslim.

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  2. yes he is ex-Muslim. He is known by many of the brothers at Speakers’ Corner. However, he was a very extreme Muslim and now he is an extreme anti-Muslim evangelist. I question if he really changed his religion at all.

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  3. Paul, I get the feeling you don’t like Hamza Tzortis?? Wondered why?

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  4. Lol! I’ve heard a few of his debates and didn’t find anything objectionable!


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