‘Original sin’

Everyone is a cradle Muslim. The mysterium iniquitatis is a post-natal complication, not a genetic fault.


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  1. Semantics, dear boy; what means muslim for an adult is not what means muslim for a new-born.
    The word you require is not ‘muslim’; the word is ‘innocent’.


  2. Every newborn is an “innocent,” who is born on the “Fitra,” thus making them a “Muslim” in the sense of being born with and in submission to the instincts that God has imbued them with, such as the innate and very basic knowledge that there is one supreme creator being.

    Mysterium iniquitatis is a Catholic terminology which, in Muslim understanding, refers to the process that leads the innocent (through a multitude of false paths) away from the pure state of the fitra and Islam.


  3. Have you ever heard of Yetzer hara, which is roughly the Hebrew word for “evil inclination”? It means within human beings there is a CONGENITAL (don’t know how to put bold font) tendency to violate God’s will. But there is also a tendency to fulfil God’s will. We are born with both the good and bad inclinations.

    In reality you cannot prove that everyone is born Muslim, it is not observable unless you first explain exactly what you mean by the term “muslim” applied to new-borns.
    I second Musa’s response, we aren’t born muslims but we are born innocent and I’d add with a potential to do good or bad.


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