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  1. I’ve asked Justin Brierley to look into this as Jay did claim he is willing to show these recent “converts” to Justin away from the public eye.

    Questions have now got to be asked of Pfander Films’ Jay Smith. He has a reputation for dishonesty; this new video does no favours to his already tarnished reputation.

    Perhaps some sincere and serious minded Christians will ask Jay about this seeking answers…


  2. It’s been well known for a long time that pretending to convert to Christianity can boost one’s chances to get entry to certain Western countries. I know people who tried it in the 90s.

    But if Jay Smith or anyone finds comfort in the idea that great numbers of strict monotheists are genuinely rushing towards trinitarianism, well, they’re just deceiving themselves.


  3. If anyone is rushing towards Trinitarian belief, it is only those do not apply basic logic in their thinking, or those who made their decision based on emotion. Once those people have been educated and exposed to recent findings of modern scholarship on the early origins of Christianity, they will run away from Trinitarianism faster than they came, since it is all founded in deception.


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