Dirty Hands

Shalom, Salam to you my dear friends,

I would like to share a thought I had, perhaps many of you can identify with it. If you follow this amazing blog, you might’ve read my recent post which as Paul put it “generated quite a discussion.” Two nights after posting it, the comment section was overflowing with comments and I couldn’t fall asleep.Some comments were outright offensive to me and some to my faith. Moreover, I didn’t always feel like I had the right answer on the spot, so I started doubting myself. I knew what I said was true. I knew the Hebrew prophets made no mistakes. But I was put on the spot. I needed to know what I believe and why. And most importantly I needed to explain my position to people who don’t necessarily agree with me. I had deep thoughts of regret. Why did I need this headache? Why did I need to make so many people angry? Why do I need to open a can of worms in my steadfast faith.

After some reflection, I posted a statement on my blog:

“Clean hands are pleasant. Make you feel pure. They smell good.

But you can’t find gold if you won’t get your hands muddy…”


I would like to elaborate. We all know people who encourage ‘blind faith.’ We’re repeatedly told that we don’t have to understand everything and our beliefs are true regardless of our comprehension. And it might actually be true. To an extant, though. For while ‘blind faith’ secures your adherence to your faith, it also stifles growth. When I was asked a question in the comment section I couldn’t answer, it made me think. It forced me to think critically in ways that I never would. It took me to my bookshelf and opened for my texts that I might’ve never come across. I then appreciated my faith and its wisdom like I hadn’t before.

I told myself: if you can’t stand up for your ideas on a comment section in social media, than how much do you really believe. So I therefore encourage you and myself, to put on your boots and walk into the muddy swamp. If you know there’s gold hidden there, the only way to access it, is by making yourself dirty. It might be inconvenient for a while, but you’ll discover treasures you didn’t know existed.

Peace unto you, my dear friends…

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  1. Reblogged this on Hasidic and commented:

    Elaboration on previous post “Dirty Hands” check it out

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    • Shalom! Could you write some pieces on the doctrine of the Trinity? Whether the Torah and the OT is compatinle with the Trinity. And also if Jesus believed in the Trinity or whether the NT does!

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    • Salam.
      Actually I’m interested more in the subject of the christ from the jewish perspective.
      I’m not sure of Mozer would write another piece about this subject or not,but I’ve still some questions.
      Also, I’m very very interested about the prophethood of the prophet pbuh and other topics related to.

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