Moussa Koné: Fake Ex-Muslim Imam Exposed!

Moussa Koné is here exposed as a fake ex-Muslim ex-imam charlatan missionary. Moussa Koné can’t even recite a short chapter from the Qur’an (even I can do that), while claiming to have memorised it all by the age of 8 and having been an imam for 10 years! Nice work Verdant Servant.

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  1. I don’t think being bad at recitation exposes one as a fake Muslim. Non-Arabic speakers will always fumble. In any case, some Muslims need to get a grip and realize that not every ex-Muslim is fake. People convert in to and out of religions all the time. I also hope these Muslims don’t get too caught up by the things they see on the internet.

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    • Not someone who claimed they memorised it by heart and were Imams in a Mosque none the less looool


    • There are such things as incompetent imams. You need to go out more if you think every Imam is Quran recitation champion.


    • This is not Neil Littlejohn who’s part fake (through his attention-seeking and plagiarism) and part mentally unstable.

      Koné has been known as a fraud for a long time. His bad recitation of surat al-ikhlas is only the latest example showing him to be so. In his earlier speeches, he would tell his audience that as a Muslim he was involved in sorcery and that he interacted with spirits who made plenty of money rain on him from the sky (no joke). Then there’s the healer part and the silly untruths about Islam, etc.

      Koné is fake alright. Maybe the only one faker than him is Ergun Caner.

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    • lol,an imam for 10 years and doesn’t know surah ikhlas.If these fake ex muslims didn’t try so hard,they would’ve been taken seriously.But every second one says he was an imam,and then fails to recite even a small surah.

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    • Salaam Brother Kmak,
      I am sure we all agree with you that being bad at recitation does not mean someone is a fake Muslim and that not every ex-Muslim is fake. It is also understood that Non-Arabic speakers will make mistakes in pronunciation etc. I have personally known many non-Arabic speakers both revert and ethnic born Muslims who struggled with the language and yet who were very sincere in their belief and practice of the deen. No one is questioning these things alone.

      I agree that we should not get too caught up in things on the Internet. But at the same time, all we have to understand the situation with Mr. Kone is his past history as seen documented on internet and other media sources. Based on that, I think the concern here is that there is a strong suspicion that he is simply posing as something he is not, or at least embellishing his story in an effort to gain credibility with his targeted audience. These tactics, if true, indicate a lack of honesty and integrity and are very concerning when combined with a malicious intent directed at defaming Islam and misguiding others. Therefore, it is something that should be exposed in an honest and peaceful manner.

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  2. Looooooooool

    This is how Allah exposes these forked tongue pagans


  3. I’m curious do Muslims even acknowledge the fact that people actually do leave Islam? Or is anyone who has left just a “fake ex Muslim”?


  4. Non Muslims created many sites to defame Islam calling them Satanic as Ex Muslims.
    Never believe these kuffar & Liars,
    Holy Jesus also Said clearly” Hear Oh Israel OUR LORD GOD is ONE”
    Even Sir Issac Newton had rejected the divinity of holy Prophet Jesus.
    Read The Gospel of St Barnabas.The Real Gospel & The Bible The Quran & The Science to know the truth. Original Bible was from ALMIGHTY GOD came direct to Holy Jesus. But Jews had rejected & destroyed all truth. Then many made own hear say stories & composed a half truth Book.
    Thats why the bible does never can say: ALMIGHTY GOD ordered or stated like Holy Quran. Very pure & unaltered contain the statement of ALMIGHTY GOD alone & therefore has no scientific Contradiction.
    Thank You


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