Dutch PM to Muslims: “act normal or go away”


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  1. An informative post. Please visit http://www.divergingthoughtsblog.wordpress.com for more on Islam and current events.


  2. Hi Paul where can we find the article?


  3. “Prostitute your Wives, mothers and sisters, get drunk and fight in the streets while you take up hospital beds either as a result of this fighting or a blown liver, don’t forget to lurch over women while your at it”

    Unfortunately, the norms of different societies are not created equal.


  4. Did he specify muslims? No! He said ANYONE.


    • Obviously he meant Muslims


    • Well what is it that muslims (in general) don’t like about living in Holland? A very high quality of life can be lived there. In my observations, most muslims wouldn’t dream of quitting Holland. So it’s obvious the PM is not addressing them. He must therefore be speaking to a select group who have previously demonstrated a dislike to living in Holland. So his comment would make some sense…”If you don’t like it, why not leave?” Even the Quran advises leaving a place if one feels spiritually stifled. Nisa-97 (As for) those whom the angels cause to die while they are unjust to themselves, (the angels) will say: What were you doing? They will say: We were weak in the earth. (They will) say: Was not Allah’s earth spacious, so that you could have migrated therein? So these it is whose refuge is hell — and it is an evil resort.


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