“Modern democracy is the tyranny of secular values”

Revd Peter Mullen is a British clergyman ordained in the Church of England. This is an extract from his hard-hitting article in The Salisbury Review. What he says applies with equal force to Muslims and traditional Jews of course.


Democracy has no concept of truth. For the democrat, there is no such thing as objective truth; there is only the infinite variety of subjective “truths” – your truth, my truth, the believer’s truth, the atheist’s truth; pick where you like in the supermarket of opinions. Which just means that the democrat denudes the word “truth” of all meaning. Most certainly then, from the Christian’s perspective, his faith is not compatible with democracy.

But there’s more to be said. The Archbishop spoke of “freedom and democracy,” as if these two went together like fish and chips. All the best people would agree with him. But these two concepts don’t go together. You can have democracy or you can have freedom, but you can’t have both. The democracy which we inhabit is actually a tyranny – certainly to the practising Christian. Our democracy will allow the Christian to practise his faith only until this faith comes into intellectual conflict with the nostrums of secular society. The Christian is free to go to matins or to put on a jumble sale to raise funds for the church roof. But let the Christian, judging by the lights his faith provides him, declare publicly that there can be no such thing as homosexual marriage and he may well find that, under the supposed benignity of “democracy and freedom,” he is punished by the courts or loses his job.

In practice in Britain today, democracy is the tyranny of secular values. It is certainly not compatible with Christianity – and most uncomfortable for the practising Christian.



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  1. Prof Sheddinger in his book talks about the concept of religion being different in Islam and Christianity in that Islam governs political thought too whilst Christianity is a domesticated ideology with its separation of church and state (or give to Caesar what is his).

    He states that any religion that has value would obviously seek to change society through government so this idea of separation of church and state is not a positive for any religious.

    In any case Paul probably didn’t want to rock the boat hence his exhortations to obey the Roman governing elite. Combined with his suspected apocalyptic views

    Peter Mullen would do well to ask why somebody as smart as Justin Welby is trying to link Christianity with democracy. I doubt the governing bodies would be too pleased if his office began talking negatively of democracy.

    Justin Welby and his predecessors continue to do what Paul did and allow the domestication of Christianity via the separation of church and state.

    I think this idea of separation of church along with the Reformation which ushered in the Enlightenment which in turn brought about Deism and scepticism ultimately leading to two end products which we are all witnessing today: Atheism and materialism.

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