Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad’s Book Recommendations

An excellent reading list!

Splendid Pearls

[compiled 6 April, 2009]

Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad

Timothy Winter
Sheikh Zayed Lecturer in Islamic Studies
University of Cambridge

Timothy John Winter (born 1960), aka Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad, is a British Muslim thinker, professor, and translator. Winter has written about the interaction between Islam and secular issues spanning a wide range of disciplines. He has held a number of lectureships and administrative posts in British academia having to do with theology, the intellectual history of Islamic civilization, and international academic cooperation…[Read More]


  1. Abdel, Haleem M. A., trans. The Qurʼan (New York: Oxford UP, 2005).
  2. Du Pasquier, Roger. Unveiling Islam (Cambridge: Islamic Texts Society, 1990).
  3. Emre, Yunus. The City of the Heart: Yunus Emre’s Verses of Wisdom and Love. trans. Süha Faiz (Shaftesbury, Dorset: Element, 1992).
  4. al-Haddad, Abdullah. The Book of Assistance (London: Quilliam Press, 1989).
  5. Hammad, Ahmad Zaki. Lasting Prayers of the…

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  1. Excellent choice of quran translation in my opinion as it is the most fluid and considering the way th e arabic text is structured the choice of getting rid of verses and spacing of the text makes for an easier reading experience.

    Perhaps though it would be good to mention that professor Haleem has also written a companion volume which explores various themes of the quran titled ‘understanding the quran: themes and styles”


  2. I used to read his brother, Henry, in The Times looong before I had ever heard of Dr Timothy Winter.

    I only recently learned that they were brothers. Both very smart men.

    Shk Abdul Hakim Murad always strikes me as a man of integrity. Hope to tick some of those books off on that list.

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