“Why America is right to ban Iraqis from the USA”

This video has had 38 million views to date. At just over 3 minutes long it is worth watching. The dude seems to be saying that given the hatred of Americans living in Iraq ‘Its better to be smart then sorry’ and ban Iraqis from entering the USA. The bearded gentleman apparently has no sense of irony or shame. As one commentator put it It is entirely true that the US has alienated all others (not just Iraqis), but practically every country in the world. And this makes the world very dangerous to Americans. Hostility engenders hostility back. So, taking that into account, and considering the safety of Americans as a primary goal, shouldn’t the US forbid its own citizens from travelling abroad? After all, when there’s danger out there one doesn’t just keep the door locked, one calls the children back from the park as well. Plus one scolds them for the mischief they’ve been causing other families.’


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  1. looks like he misses his pitbulls

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  2. More irony. This guy is in Iraq talking to IRAQIS yet he hasn’t been harmed. So if his Iraqi buddies aren’t trying to kill him then shouldn’t he be trying to make a case for a stricter selection/vetting process rather than a total ban as he knows through experience that there are Iraqis who don’t want to kill Americans.

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  3. Hmm how many millions of Iraqis were killed and displaced by the USA directly or indirectly throughout the last 30 to 40 years? . . . Maybe it’s like the cowboy invader is saying: it’s the “culture” of an ancient civilisation like Iraq that would have him tortured and beheaded.


  4. Can you post the link to the video please?


  5. Unbelievable


    “Having him in my life became my reason to be happy.” No, not Jeeersus but Diesel.

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  6. So let me get this straight- the US govt implements an immigration policy and you guys think it’s just peachy that Iraqis are then justified to kidnap, torture and behead random Americans?


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