I Attempted to Disprove Islam, But Well-Mannered Muslims Stopped Me

A beautiful story

Islamic updates, welcome

It was the summer of 2002. I sat, wearing a t-shirt and jeans in a living room full of Muslim women. There were soldiers outside the building, and soldiers in the apartments above us, but the atmosphere in the room was calm. A middle-aged woman sitting across from me leaned back in her chair. She folded her hands in her lap and observed me thoughtfully, smiling.
I politely smiled back at her and the other women, who remained pleasant and gracious in spite of what was happening just over our heads. After a long time, she decided to say what was on her mind. She said simply: “You are so nice, you should be Muslim like us.”I blushed.An unexpected sense of honor swept over me—which felt strange and somewhat disorienting. The suggestion that I adopt a religion would have been deeply insulting just weeks…

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