The Issue Of Hindus And Christians Forcefully Converted To Islam In Pakistan

An excellent myth-busting article

Discover The Truth

It has been reported by the media that there are Pakistani Hindus who lose their daughters to forced Muslim marriages.

It is claimed a 17-year-old, Anila Dhawan, was kidnapped last spring from her home in Hyderabad, forced to convert to Islam and made to marry her abductor.

In a report cited by USA Today, they claimed that every year about a 1000 Pakistani Hindu girls, and Christians are forcefully converted to Islam by men.

If these allegations are true, then indeed this is sad and the authorities definitely need to intervene to protect minorities from these heinous crimes.

It should be noted also that in many cases of Hindu converts to Islam in Asia, whose families some times claim that they were forced because they do not want to acknowledge (admit) that their child could have done this voluntarily. Furthermore, to admit that one’s daughter freely/voluntarily converted to Islam means backlash…

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  1. In India the safe haven for Muslims is the state of WEST-BENGAL. Out of 29 states this is only the safest. Kashmir is boiling with day in day out of Indian millitary atrocities. And in rest of the states Muslims stay in a state of fear.


  2. No one ever read Romeo and Juliet?


    • The Arabs had the original Romeo and Juliet.

      Over a thousand years before Shakespeare, the Arabs had written the poetic Romance of “Antaras Wa Abla” which was included in the collection of pre-Islamic poetry known as the “Mu’allaqat.” It was the story of Antaras, the son of an Arab tribal cheiftan, who fell in love with Abla the daughter of the leader of a rival clan.

      A very interesting story to read.

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  3. Discover the Truth,
    Thanks for bringing attention to the forced conversion of Muslim girls and children by Hindu and Christian fundamentalist in India. This is a story which is often brushed under the rug, while pointing fingers at the Muslims and misreporting voluntary conversions into Islam by choice, as being “forced” conversions.

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