James White and Ali Ataie Respond to Islamophobic Propaganda Rhetoric

James White Rebukes Ben Shapiro For Saying That The Majority Of Muslims Are Radical

James R White, a conservative Christian apologist, responds to Ben Shapiro by appealing to consistency. James states most Christians would be considered radical too if the poll asked if they believed Jesus would return and everybody would worship Jesus.

Note: James White called the type of Sharia practiced in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan “frightening and barbaric”. I suppose, out of consistency, James believes the law in the Old Testament is “barbaric and frightening” too – a law which he believes was given by the Father, the Son (now known as Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.


Dr Ali Ataie

Dr Ali Ataie on FB writes in response to Ben Shapiro’s “The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority” by also appealing to consistency and differing interpretations of texts:

Here’s something I disagree with Ben on. It’s amazing how that intellect can suddenly take a dive. This video is a smokescreen. Shari’ah law is part and parcel of every single Muslim’s identity. Ben doesn’t bother to define what exactly shariah is because he is fully satisfied with your perception of it as being a Draconian penal code from 1400 years ago. Ben is an orthodox Jew who no doubt also believes in the Torah and Talmud. 

The five books of Moses are dripping with violence BUT… Ben has his own way of dealing with those texts… right? So what leads him to believe that the vast majority of Muslims do not deal with their violent texts in a similar fashion? How many stonings and hand amputations are happening right now in the Muslim majority world? Where’s the data? Thus to say that a Muslim who believes in shari’ah is a radical is like saying a Jew who believes in halakhah is a radical… ALL of them.

Ben fails to define the nuances, immutables (thawabit), variables (mutaghayyarat), contexts, and interpretations of shari’ah that Muslims understand just by being Muslim. Have you read the Talmud? LORD have mercy! How does Ben deal with the homicidal, pedophilic, anti-Christian, racist rants of its rabbis? It seems that whoever considers the Talmud to be sacred is a radical. According to Pew (2013) most American Jews feel somewhat or very emotionally attached to Israel. Israel. A country that has ethnically cleansed its indigenous population since its inception and is now building on occupied territory. This is illegal according to international law. I guess all of those American Jews are radicals. Nice try Ben

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  1. These stats are absolutely meaningless. But for those who love pushing statistics and Polls, let me throw one in there, Ben Shapiro.

    27% of Europeans say rape may be acceptable in some circumstances



    Europe’s population is 743 Million.

    Ben, do you agree that there are over 240 Million white Europeans are rape apologists or condone rape??

    So one in four Europeans living in the EU say rape may be justified “under certain circumstances”, according to a new report.

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  2. Here is another one for our darling Ben Shapiro,

    “American Christians are 4 times more likely to say ‘killing civilians is sometimes justified’ than Muslims in Middle East” – GALLUP Survey


    Muslims are the most likely to condemn violence against civilians. However, this is not the case for other religions:

    Religions that support violence against civilians Gallup POLL 2010:

    Protestants 58% Sometimes.

    Catholics 58% Sometimes. Maybe 2%

    Jewish 52% Sometimes.Maybe 3%.

    Mormon 64% sometimes. Maybe 3%.

    No Religion: Atheists/Agnostics 43% sometimes.

    This survey was taken by GALLUP in 2010.

    Will Ben Shapiro make a video condemning extremist Christians, Jews, and Mormons who support heinous crimes against civilians ??

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  3. Shariah cannot be barbaric because it is an ideal, the Godly ideal. Human attempts at realizing this ideal can fall seriously short as in Afghanistan under the Taliban and Saudi Arabia under the Wahabis.
    Of course, you wouldn’t know this because you’re a troll.

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  4. ” I’m an orthodox jew” How cool!
    This hypocrite guy seems has no idea what God told him according to his scripture ( Deut 28).

    BTW, there’s no “honor killing” in Islam, yet it’s found in judaism.

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  5. Another Zionist propagandist bashing Muslims . . . what else is new.


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