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  1. Yes Paul, but Jesus fulfilled the old cosmology therefore what we see and observe around us today which is completely contrary is due to the new cosmological covenant…

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  2. four corners of earth isaiah 11:12 revelation 7:1 and 20:8

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  3. mount of matthew 4:8

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  4. “Heere thare be dragons”

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  5. What is the point of this post? Muhammad assumed the same type of cosmology in the Qur’an.

    By the uplifted roof Q. 52:5. You must have read the references; mountains as pillars, etc. Look them up.

    And the concept of seven heaven is the Greek philosophy of the ladder of being.


  6. This only happens when someone takes all of these scriptures literally instead of figuratively. The “foundations of the earth” texts have been ripped out of their context and literalism has been read into the text in order to push the narrative that the Bible is wrong. This is the same approach naturalists use against the Bible AND the Quran. If you use arguments that can refute your own beliefs…
    Does the Bible teach that the Earth is flat? Short Answer: No
    Long Answer: http://tektonics.org/af/earthshape.php


    • Does the Bible teach that the Earth is flat? Short Answer: YES
      Long Answer: http://www.answering-christianity.com/earth_flat.htm

      From their geographical and historical context, one would expect the ancient Hebrews to have a flat-earth cosmology. Indeed, from the very beginning, ultra-orthodox Christians have been flat-earthers, arguing that to believe otherwise is to deny the literal truth of the Bible. The flat-earth implications of the Bible were rediscovered and popularized by English-speaking Christians in the mid-19th century. Liberal scriptural scholars later derived the same view. Thus, students with remarkably disparate points of view independently concluded that the ancient Hebrews had a flat-earth cosmology, often deriving this view from scripture alone. Their conclusions were dramatically confirmed by the rediscovery of 1 Enoch. https://www.lhup.edu/~dsimanek/febible.htm


    • Amongst those who are believers in it, the Bible seems to inculcate a perpetual state of confusion. If one can believe that a human being can be one and the same as GOD almighty, why not believe in a flat earth as well?

      What on FLAT EARTH does the Bible Say?


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