The Life of Adam and Eve

Timothy Winter, also known as Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad, is a British Muslim scholar, writer and academic. He is the Dean of the Cambridge Muslim College and lecturer in Islamic Studies at Cambridge University. This email exchange took place yesterday between the Shaykh and myself.


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  1. As the last and final revelation in a progressive revelatory chain originating from the same divine source, the Qur’an naturally reflects many similarities and unaltered truths received through the prior revelations.


  2. On the side, I just want to mention that the Qur’an does not indicate for angels to worship Adam but just to show their respect…sort of when Jacob and Joseph’s wife and his sons showed respect to Joseph (when I think they did not know that he was Jacob’s son).



  1. Sujood – The Act of Worship Which Allah Shares With His Creatures – Answering Islam Blog

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