Who Bore Our Illnesses and Carried Our pains? Rabbi Tovia Singer Exposes Church Deception!

Published on 7 Mar 2017

‘Christians are so convinced that Jesus is the messiah, they are utterly astounded that the Jews, of all people, are unconvinced that the Suffering Servant is not Jesus. But doesn’t Isaiah 53, which Christians frequently cite, predict that the messiah would be tortured and killed for the sins of mankind? In this live broadcast, Rabbi Tovia Singer demonstrates that this Christian claim is without merit.’


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  1. Rabbi Singer usually only succeeds in exposing his own ignorance.

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  2. LOL so on another post on this very blog it was “revealed” that the Jews changed their scripture, now Muslims appeal to very said Jew in order to attack Christ.

    Yup same consistency we can expect from Muslims lol

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  3. Zelyts Suoiruf you honestly can’t be taken seriously…

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  4. It is not hypocritical or out of convenience. The point is that Christians pretend that Jews do not exist when discussing with Muslims. They attack the clearest Islamic belief of monotheism presenting it as somehow flawed while the Jews believe in the same based on the Bible.


    • Zelyts why are there internal contradictions in the Torah, if it has not been corrupted? Why does Prof James Taboor agree that the earliest followers of Jesus, from the Jerusalem Mosque with James the Just Yaqouv As Sadiq believed strongly that the Torah was severely corrupted citing Jeremiah 8 :8 ? Imagine if the Qur’an stated that the Qur’an was corrupted! You would be quoting it constantly! The Torah is corrupted which is why it falsely claims that Issac was the sacrifice!


  5. Thanks for this post. It is very helpful for understanding the non-Christian Jewish position.

    A. The rabbi’s argument is that the first 8 verses of Isaiah 53 are the nations speaking about how they have inflicted violence on Israel. They now see they are wrong and Israel was right. This leads to the salvation of the nations. The last 4 verses are God’s summation.

    I have tried to read it this way but is simply does not work for the following reasons:

    1. There is no indication that it is the nations speaking. In fact 53:1 seems to be God or a messenger of God speaking. And there is no change of person for the last 4 verses.

    2. “for the transgression of my people was he stricken” v. 8. Verse 8 is explicit that it is because of the sin of Israel that the servant suffers. It is not the nations’ sinful behaviour that has oppressed Israel; it is Israel’s own sin that is laid on the servant.

    Therefore his argument simply does not work.

    B. At 12:25 he quotes v. 11 and “by his knowledge” and says it is knowledge that justifies not blood. But is does say blood and sacrifice in v. 5, v. 10 he is an offering for sin. The rabbi is simply wrong. It is the knowledge of the servant that makes him act rightly as he gives his life for others.

    The rabbi’s exegesis seemed to be based on the holocaust experience of the Jewish people and not Isaiah. I can understand why he may do this but it does not help us understand Isaiah.

    From my study of Isaiah I see that Isaiah speaks of two servants: Faithless Israel and faithful Israel. (search “servant” in Isaiah and you will see this.) Faithful Israel will bring faithless Israel back to God and display God’s glory to the nations. Faithful Israel suffers because of faithless Israel. The question is who is the true faithful Israelite? The only righteous person put forward in Isaiah is the Messiah Isaiah 9, 11, etc.

    The gospel accounts show Jesus as not just the messiah but as the true Israelite. He is the true remnant.

    C. The Christian understanding of Isaiah 53 is a Jewish understanding of Isaiah 53 – Not the only Jewish understanding but it is a Jewish understanding.


  6. I honestly think Tovia Singers apologetics are getting worse. His answers have been really bad lately on this Tenak Talk show. Also, here’s an interesting story about how he dodges tough debate opponents.


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